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Guide to choosing the type of website to build in 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Types of Options and Sites

Written by: Osmany Barrinat

There are so many brands, technologies and options that it is almost impossible to decide which option is best to build and develop a website. Can you help me choose the type of website to build? Is a WordPress site better than a Godaddy site? Can I build a site that I can update myself? I get asked these types of question a lot and for a good reason. Add to the fact that whomever gives you their opinion, will most probably steer you into whatever benefits them most.

Since Tekorder’s main focus is to be part of your IT staff, we are not biased and instead will recommend you all the best options we have seen. Here it goes.

There are roughly 3 different type of infrastructures you can choose to build and host your website in. Infrastructure is simply, the company that you choose to host your website and then the language the website is written in. This is where is gets complicated, and where I am trying to simplify it by categorizing them in simple to choose options.

  1. Complex (WordPress,,, Linux Hosting, and so on)

  2. Unique design

  3. Highly customizable

  4. High monthly expense

  5. Need to work with a designer and developer

  6. Simple (,, and so on)

  7. Easy to maintain

  8. General design based from templates

  9. High security

  10. Very Simple – Optimized for Google Ads (,,, and so on)

  11. Simpler designs based from templates that have a single purpose of converting visitors into clients

  12. Easiest to maintain

  13. High security

  14. High monthly expense, but it pays off because of the increase in revenue from new clients

So basically what it comes down to is this; What do you want the website to do for your business? Here are your options in even simpler terms:

  1. Sell more

  2. Provide information

  3. Provide information with a unique design

Finally, don’t forget that you can still have 2 or more websites, just know that each will need to have a primary goal.

If you need more info from Tekorder, and the IT technology related service we provide make sure to fill out our contact form here to get in touch with us

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