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Google Search Infected Result you must Avoid

It's quite hard to find examples like this, normally Google Search does a great job blocking and removing these results from their system before many people see them, but the purpose of this blog post is to show you an example of an infected search result and how to prevent it from infecting your computer.

Below is an example of me searching for a site URL. I have noticed many people go to websites by first going to (since it is their default page), entering the website URL, clicking search, and then clicking on the top result.

This is the page I see as soon as I click on the top result. Below are the key items to learn from both of these screenshots:

  1. Notice how in Google Search there is the "No Information is available for this page." message below the link. Never click on these links unless you are 100% sure that the URL is accurate and safe to go to.

  2. In the case that you clicked on the URL, notice how immediately the URL changed to a completely different one. This is not normal and it typically indicates that the site you are going to redirected you somewhere else. Google Search doesn't like these types of redirections and typically blocks them, and you too should avoid further clicking through these redirected sites.

  3. There is a pop up asking you to click here to continue. Normally a web site prevents adding these pop ups, so any site asking you to click a button to continue should be avoided.

Here is an example of the same link being clicked, but this time my smart router or computer antivirus blocked the sites content. You can still see the URL is different than from the original search, which means I should just close the page.

The final steps, whenever this happens to you, is to close all browser tabs. This means you would have to click on the "X" at the top right for all open web browsers until there are none left. Double check the task bar in case there are any more browser window opened.

Author: Osmany Barrinat


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