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Creating a Private Guest Subnet on a Ruckus Access Point in Unleashed Mode

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Written by: Andrew Connnely

Devices I Used:

Ruckus R710 Ruckus R310 Sonicwall TZ350 Cisco SG350-10P

Objective: Create a guest WIFI SSID with a separate subnet than the management network using the Ruckus Unleashed Guest Network feature.

Ruckus Access Points have a built in guest WIFI network feature which automatically creates a Guest SSID.  Ruckus provides WLAN security features which automatically prevents guests from accessing network resources on the

Sonicwall: Create Guest Zone: Name (Guest) Trusted Enable: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, IPS, App Control

Add Virtual Interface (VLAN) Select Guest Zone Select VLAN # (10) Static IP Mode Create VLAN Gateway Address ( Set Subnet Mask ( Enable Ping

Create DHCP Scope for Guest Network DHCP Server > Add Dynamic Range Start: Range End: Default Gateway: Subnet Mask:

Cisco: Create an IPv4 address for the new subnet: IPv4 Config > IP: Mask:

Add a route to the subnet Next Hop:

Trunk the uplink port (connected to Sonicwall) and Ports for Access Points VLAN Config > VLAN Ports Select ports and change from Access Mode to Trunk Mode

Ruckus: Create Guest SSID

Go to Advanced Configuration WLAN Priorities > VLAN Access Set VLAN to same number as above (10)

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