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21 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Your Hybrid Workforce

These services are done and covered Under your CompleteCare and ManagedCare Plans. If you don't have either of these plans and are worried about your Cyber Security Please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC UNARGUABLY SHOOK THE WORLD LIKE NO OTHER EVENT BEFORE IT. ITS IMPACT WAS FELT IN EVERY SECTOR, WITH MOST BUSINESSES RELYING ON REMOTE WORK TO STAY AFLOAT DURING THE CHAOS. However, with the recent rollout of vaccines, there is hope that businesses can do away with the fully remote model since it provides less space for collaboration. Many companies have touted hybrid work environments as the best option moving forward. A hybrid environment brings together elements of traditional on-site work and remote work. Employees will have the choice to work from home, at the office or split time between both. While hybrid environments have advantages such as flexibility and good productivity, there are disadvantages like heightened cyber risks. These risks are especially conspicuous since many endpoints operate outside the secure corporate perimeter in a distributed work environment.

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